Ambassadorial - Scholar

Rosalynd (Rosie) Boxall

Global Grant scholar

During the worldwide health emergency as a result of COVID-19, Global grant scholars were unable to travel and commence these planned studies. There was, however, an exception. 

Rosie was already in New Zealand and got caught in the Covid 19  travel restrictions, but decided to stay in NZ for the time being.  

RI had approved her programme to undertake a Master of Arts in Sociology,  in New Zealand at Auckland University. Her host Club was the Rotary Club of Otahuhu (District 1260)  and her home (International) club was the Rotary Club of Baldock, UK (District 1260).

Rosie’s research project was to try to create strategies and a toolbox for educators and community leaders to equip people to move beyond emotional conflict responses and get involved in implementing long-term changes in community relations for the good. 

Rosie completed a Master of Art in Sociology with a Grade of A+.

The thesis title was: An unsettling journey: Mapping Sociology Student Responses to Difficult Histories. 

The in-person graduation ceremony was held on the 5th May 2022.

During Rosie’s time in NZ, she spoke at many Rotary Clubs, attended various District events, and was involved in a number of charity community events. Rosie was a great role model and her counsellor, Jeanette Drysdale, said she was a wonderful ambassador.

Rosie keep in contact and just this week she sent another update on what she is doing. 

I’m a few months into the new job now and have been working on a scheme to support Ukrainian universities through the war with Russia, called the  UK-Ukraine University Twinning Initiative.  The main thing I’ve been working on is a  £5m grant from the UK government  to support the scheme, which was launched a couple of weeks ago. It’s been nice to work on something where I feel like I’m making a difference in some way with everything going on in the world. I think my Rotary Global Grant actually played quite a big role in getting this job.